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  • Get counter-intuitive strategies to accomplish more of what truly matters - right now
  • Get rid of or delegate what’s sabotaging what you want that you don’t have
  • ​Learn the art of the balancing act in work and life
  • ​Accelerate results and feel less busy at the same time
  • Simplify the path to success
  • Be present to the people around you at work and at home
  • Deepen a sense of personal fulfillment
  • Leave a purposeful legacy


Life is a balancing act between...
  • ​Having a highly profitable business (or fast-track career) and maintaining a vibrant personal life
  • ​Making time to think and completing a task
  • ​Pushing yourself to achieve more and enjoying the little things
  • ​Doing it yourself and confidently delegating
  • ​Responding to requests and focusing on your priorities
  • ​Following the crowd and following your instinct
How do you know what to make a priority and when?

Do What Matters Now is a game-changing guide to show you how.
  • End the frustration, exhaustion and burnout
  • Stop feeling pulled in a thousand directions 
  • Generate more clarity, time and energy for what truly matters
  • ​Accelerate results without sacrificing your values, health and most important relationships.
This book invites you to make a decision that can change the trajectory of your life. 
Take the well-beaten path or get on your true path?
The well-beaten path is worn out and leads to a failed businesses, burned out careers, and a life of stress, exhaustion and lack of direction. 
Blazing your own trail paves the way for true and lasting success, more ease and peace along the way, congruence with how you spend your time and energy, and unleashing your superpower for more influence and impact. 

In a world of nonstop demands and constant connectivity, Do What Matters Now guides you to find your true path to greatness as a leader to increase your influence and be valued for your impact, not how much you get done.
We have a finite amount of time and energy and an infinite amount of inner wisdom, possibilities and ideas. How we harness the precious time we have on this planet will be our legacy long after we are gone. 
Are you ready to Do What Matters Now
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Founder, Pathfinder Solutions

For over 10 years, Tamie Rising has been guiding accomplished leaders, teams and organizations to rise above the well-beaten path and forge their own path to create immediate and lasting change in their lives and in company cultures.

Tamie’s desire to help others create change started young, but her fire ignited after discovering how to harness our energy, mind, obstacles and gifts to unlock massive results and positive impact at work and in our family and community.

She is a businesswoman, certified high-performance coach, author, amateur yogi and adventurous mom who loves hiking, paddle-boarding and most recently snowboarding. 
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